Tile Coaster Experiment

I have seen them on Pinterest – and promptly ignored them. Who really needs more coasters? We have coasters from just about every continent – and they all sit nicely boxed up in a cabinet. Then my friend Michele made some and posted them right here and all of a sudden home-made coasters became interesting.

Interesting enough to look up the tutorial and start gathering supplies. Then I bullied my friend Lisa into doing this project with me. (She really didn’t need that much bullying since she had planned to do these for some time.) The instructions in the tutorial are very clear, so we advanced pretty smoothly. I would use cork instead of felt for the backing, but overall this experiment turned out well.

The greatest revelation was Mod Podge – nobody ever told me about that stuff!!! Seriously – good stuff! How come everybody knows about this except for me? What else is out there people? What ARE you hiding from me????

Lisa’s creations:


Which site to use for writing a blog?

I wasn’t sure which blog to use: wordpress or blogger. The decision is in:

– wordpress for all crafty experiments

– blogger for all my oh-so-great wisdom

Any other blogsites anybody using?