The Very Important Experiment

YES -it’s true! Pinterest does that to one. What used to be Facebook’s job has now been taken on by Pinterest – giving us ample opportunity to massively waste time. But not so fast!!! What if one actually did attempt one of the projects? What would happen?

So, as an experiment, I will take on one  project off my pin-wall and do it in real life. Hands on. Outside of the computer. In person. I will single-handedly prove to the world that Pinterest is not just a time-pit, but that one can find useful things to make that inspire the creativity and hone our crafting skills. Think about it – what if all electricity is gone? We’d have to rely on our bare hands for survival. Creating things by hand might  give us the necessary skills to face the wilderness some day. Pinterest may save our lives.

So here is the project – 1st picture was taken straight off the website. 2nd picture is my handy-work.

Toilet paper origami. I now feel equipped for survival under the toughest conditions.

PS: It really wasn’t that easy! TP does NOT stay folded. LOL


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cheletopia
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 03:31:50

    You are now totally equipped for all situations. I feel a little safer knowing that you are my friend.



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