Help! My house has been invaded by …… CHICKENS???

It’s that time of the year again:  THE ANNUAL POTHOLDER SWAP.  And since the regular hosts couldn’t do it this year, Michele and I are the 2012 guest-hosts.

Now, the most difficult part about this swap is finding a pattern, especially because you have to make 5 of the same. Plus there is a lot of peer-pressure since some of these people make  insanely nice pieces of art that will never be used as potholders. See  chalklegs for example. After going back and forth a trillion times, I eventually settled on the chickens. And ever since, the house has been a mad  hen-house.


Lenny Chickvitz Matthew McChickaughey
Leonardo Dichickrio Enrique Chicklesias
John F. Chickedy Leonardo Dichickrio chillin!

The potholder swap also requires a tag for each potholder (yarn, pattern, who made it, etc.), but since these are chickens, I deviated from the tag and made them each their own little birth-certificate. I’m a good chicken-midwife!!!!!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. isaidaveale
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 07:38:04

    How cute!


  2. cheletopia
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 10:26:34

    HILARIOUS!!!! I absolutely love it!!!


  3. Ellen B.
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 15:33:54

    So FABULOUS! You’ve outdone yourself, Eve!


  4. Sandy Jekel
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 15:06:28

    I would LOVE to get the pattern for these… the book is out of print and Amazon sellers want like a hundred dollars, lol.


  5. evelynArts
    Aug 10, 2012 @ 23:42:07

    Gotta love these chickens! Do they lay eggs?


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