Yarn Dye Experiment

I love dyeing yarn. Or fabric. Or pretty much anything. Dyeing is great because you never know what you get. Plus it makes you feel very important because you get to stir a big pot with a big wooden spoon. Here is a summary of my latest experiment:

I had this beige-pinkish wool which is really nice, but I was definitely not a fan of the color. Inheritance from my dear friend Deb who made a sweater from this yarn, which probably looks good because everything she makes looks good, but just simply NOT MY COLOR:

Look closer if you dare:

So I read about dyeing with beet-juice. Yes, good ole beet juice. After feeding the husband beets for a few weeks I had accumulated enough juice to begin the experiment. Soaked yarn in vinegar (helps it keep color), heated up the giant pot of beautiful deep purple beet-juice, and immersed the yarn. After an hour of boiling the grand reveal was more of a grand meh! The yarn was far from deep purple – it looked like pink brains:

Luckily I had a bottle of dark blue Rit dye on hand and just dumped the whole thing into the pot. Result – GORGEOUS DEEP BLUE (almost black) yarn:

And since I already had a pot of hot dye on the stove, I threw in these other 4 balls of bright orange wool I had (also not my color!). No unwinding, nothing – just dump them in the pot and see what happens:


Well – what came out wasn’t the greates. It was a color I would call ASS-BROWN, but when I showed it to my friend Michele, her eyes lit up and she loved it. Hence, Michele inherited 4 balls of my famous ass-brown!

Here’s what it looked like after she rewound it: