Huh!!!!! It’s MAGIC!!!!!!

Michele and I started a KAL (Knit-A-Long – whoever came up with that acronym? It’s like the worst on the planet. Ever!). The pattern is the Noro Striped Scarf, but since we both don’t much care for Noro yarn, we are doing it in Fake Noro, hence the Fnoro KAL. Somebody suggested the F in Fnoro doesn’t really stand for “Fake” but some other 4-letter word. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe yes.

When we compared scarves after a couple of weeks we were surprised by two things:

We both cast on 39. Michele use size 7 needles, I used 8s. Mine is much leaner. 😐
(We love them equally. No child left behind!)

This really blew our minds. We both used Red Heart Boutique in Spectrum as color 1. Michele chose RHB Abstract (orange-yellow-redish) as color 2, I chose a simple Caron Sheepish black as color 2.

The spectrum looks like 2 completely different colors on our scarves. On Michele’s it looks greyish. On mine it looks pink-blueish. IT’S MAGIC!!!!! True, real-life magic!!! Happening right here in Los Angeles.

(OK – one might say it’s not magic but a simple middle-school “Colors in Context” lesson. One might also say there are no unicorns! Or vampires!)




(YUP! French for FINISHED!)