What is it with people taking scissors to their knitting???

First there was Jill, cutting that gorgeous dress into pieces! OK – in her defense, that was somewhat planned. I guess scissors are just simply the nature of steeking.

BUUUUT now comes Bridget the sock whiz! She is one of my knitting buddies from work. Tuesday’s lunchtime = knitting group (yes, I know – totally awesome to have a knitting group at work). Bridget had made this gorgeous pair of socks in the Senta pattern, but felt that one of the socks was just simply too big. Unravelling was too much work. Her solution: I’ll just cut off the tip and reknit it shorter! And she did.

If I had done this:
a)  I would never have dared doing this.
b) I would have lost some stitches somewhere.
c) Not in a million years would I have known where in the pattern I was.
d) I would never have dared doing this.

Well, it worked – see for yourself.
Lesson learned: Don’t be afraid to take scissors to your knitting! (YEAH RIGHT!!!!)





And then they fit…



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ellen B.
    Nov 22, 2013 @ 11:57:33

    So glad that you and Bridget are knitting together at work! We miss Bridge at the WeHo SnB!!!


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