Notice something?

I haven’t written a blog post since the end of March 2014!

I gave birth to the most wonderful baby twins in mid-May of 2014. Coincidence? I think not. LOL


Yes indeed – most of my crafting and other stuff, such as writing a blog, has gone to the wayside. Especially the experiments with new stuff. The pottery wheel has been replaced with a diaper-changing table, the sewing machine with a hot wheels track, and glue is only used to put pictures in a toddler scrapbook. Sigh! I did get to keep the knitting needles and crochet hooks, and I manage to get a little bit of yarntime in during lunchtime at work. Or very long call-in meetings. A big “BRAVO – WE HAIL THEE!” to the people who drag on and never get to the point in those meetings.

So what have I been able to actually make in the last couple of years? A bunch of baby-hats and toys. But also potholders, various gifts, charity hats, and mostly little stuff – all documented on my Ravelry page. Here are some pictures:


Do I miss all the crafts and experimenting? Yes. I also miss coming home after work and having a nap, as well as randomly watching hours of mindless television.

Would I do anything differently? Yes. I’d start a couple of years earlier and have 5 kids instead of 2! Because having the minions in my life is the greatest thing ever. Yeah I know – sounds cliche, but that’s what it is. Kids are awesome! And I’m beginning to understand why Octomom is collecting them (though she’s insane!).

So until next time then! Off to new adventures. Hopefully I’ll have something to write about before 2018!


PS: I did get to keep the sewing machine too – it’s just packed away. And I never really owned a pottery wheel, but certainly don’t have time to go to the studio!


She did it again!

Remember my friend Deb who made the amazing Kaffe Fawcett blanket? She unpacked the sewing machine again!

A few weeks ago she mentioned that she was planning on making a wallhanging based on a photograph ¬†for a friend’s birthday. Plus the friend is just starting to sew, so she was also going to make her a pin cushion to inspire her. So I’m thinking that the wallhanging is going to be amazing, though I have no clue how she was going to recreate that picture. And a pincushion – nice thought.

Today I saw Deb – the wallhanging is still in the works (looks amazing so far), but the pincushion is done. And it blew my mind! I’m not sure what I expected, but I whatever it was – I should have known better. This is Deb we are talking about! Well, here are some pics of the pincushion. I hope it inspires the recipient, not intimidates her! It’s pretty awesome!

(Please note that the flowers on the side are handmade from plain ribbon and then attached. Pincushion is about 7 inches in diameter.)






What is it with people taking scissors to their knitting???

First there was Jill, cutting that gorgeous dress into pieces! OK Рin her defense, that was somewhat planned. I guess scissors are just simply the nature of steeking.

BUUUUT now comes Bridget the sock whiz! She is one of my knitting buddies from work. Tuesday’s lunchtime = knitting group (yes, I know – totally awesome to have a knitting group at work). Bridget had made this gorgeous pair of socks in the Senta pattern, but felt that one of the socks was just simply too big. Unravelling was too much work. Her solution: I’ll just cut off the tip and reknit it shorter! And she did.

If I had done this:
a)  I would never have dared doing this.
b) I would have lost some stitches somewhere.
c) Not in a million years would I have known where in the pattern I was.
d) I would never have dared doing this.

Well, it worked – see for yourself.
Lesson learned: Don’t be afraid to take scissors to your knitting! (YEAH RIGHT!!!!)





And then they fit…



This is my friend Jill. She just finished knitting a gorgeous dress. Now she is cutting it.

Yeah – just kidding. She’s not really going to do it. Right? Is she????

Yup – she’s going to do it. This is real:


Well maybe not that crazy. All the savvy knitters out there have realized that Jill is steeking. From Wikipedia:

“In knitting,¬†steeking¬†is a shortcut used to¬†knit¬†garments such as sweaters¬†in the round¬†without interruption for openings or¬†sleeves¬†until the end. After completing a tube, a straight line is cut along the center of a column of stitches, in order to make room for an opening or place to attach another piece. The steek itself is a bridge of extra stitches, in which the cut is made, and is usually 6-10 stitches wide.”

The verdict: Probably not crazy. Probably not insane. Definitely an advanced knitter!

See the finish object on Ravelry, or visit Jill’s blog¬†if you want to stalk the crazy lady who cuts dresses.

Yarn Dye Experiment

I love dyeing yarn. Or fabric. Or pretty much anything. Dyeing is great because you never know what you get. Plus it makes you feel very important because you get to stir a big pot with a big wooden spoon. Here is a summary of my latest experiment:

I had this beige-pinkish wool which is really nice, but I was definitely not a fan of the color. Inheritance from my dear friend Deb who made a sweater from this yarn, which probably looks good because everything she makes looks good, but just simply NOT MY COLOR:

Look closer if you dare:

So I read about dyeing with beet-juice. Yes, good ole beet juice. After feeding the husband beets for a few weeks I had accumulated enough juice to begin the experiment. Soaked yarn in vinegar (helps it keep color), heated up the giant pot of beautiful deep purple beet-juice, and immersed the yarn. After an hour of boiling the grand reveal was more of a grand meh! The yarn was far from deep purple – it looked like pink brains:

Luckily I had a bottle of dark blue Rit dye on hand and just dumped the whole thing into the pot. Result – GORGEOUS DEEP BLUE (almost black) yarn:

And since I already had a pot of hot dye on the stove, I threw in these other 4 balls of bright orange wool I had (also not my color!). No unwinding, nothing – just dump them in the pot and see what happens:


Well – what came out wasn’t the greates. It was a color I would call ASS-BROWN, but when I showed it to my friend Michele, her eyes lit up and she loved it. Hence, Michele inherited 4 balls of my famous ass-brown!

Here’s what it looked like after she rewound it:


My commute to work is about 30-45 minutes one-way every day. Great for listening to audio-books, talk-radio, and – well – PODCASTS. There are some podcasts I love (The Answer B!tch, Betty in the Sky, Yarn-thing, New Yorker, NPR programs, Just One More Row, Knit Knit Cafe, Radio Wien, and many many more). YES – I am the queen of podcasts!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the queen has her own podcast. Well 1/2 of her own. My dear buddy Michele and I got together to talk about our yarn-obsessions. So much fun!!!!



Which site to use for writing a blog?

I wasn’t sure which blog to use: wordpress or blogger. The decision is in:

– wordpress for all crafty experiments

– blogger for all my oh-so-great wisdom

Any other blogsites anybody using?